Desktop Versus Mobile: Which Platform is More Relevant for Digital Marketing?

Marketers proposing a strategy mainly targeted towards mobile users will finally see the fulfillment of their forecasts. A report from Forrester reveals 66 percent of the world’s population will be using mobile devices by 2022. The countries seeing the greatest growth in mobile users are Asia and Latin America. While this research has positive implications for companies in consumer electronics, this will also affect e-commerce businesses and the digital marketing industry.

Given the expected growth in mobile users, many companies have been adopting strategies to cater to the market on portable devices. For some businesses, this means veering away from targeting consumers on a desktop device. One question remains altogether –is it time to focus solely on mobile platforms?

Reports from companies in the tech industry support what the forecast says. Adobe’s Q2 retail report reveals traffic from mobile devices will be higher than traffic from desktop users. If this estimate holds true, 2017 will be the first year where mobile users exceed traffic from desktop users. However, leaders in the industry warn companies against focusing solely on mobile. Despite what the data says, the greatest revenue still comes from people who are using the desktop. This principle holds true for companies in the travel and transportation industry.

Leaders from and KKday both agree on how the desktop continues to be useful for the travel industry. Marielle Van Gorp from Booking Suite considers desktop as the main method for reaching online customers from Europe. Asian customers are less likely to use the desktop for travel services, but this is not a reason not to continue servicing users using a non-portable device. KKday’s chief product officer agrees with her. According to Prasanna Veeraswamy, they continue to use the desktop in the planning phase as it allows them to enhance the visual experience of their customers.

Even ride-hailing company giant, Uber, agrees on the value of the desktop despite the increase in mobile users in the world. Uber started out to be an application which is only available on mobile devices. However, more users are suggesting an application which is also available to desktop users. Hence, the company has been working on a desktop site which can be used to book rides and provide other Uber services.

Businesses in e-commerce continue to evolve and learn as they interact with customers. This will allow them to offer better products and enhance consumer experience along the way. There might have been numerous changes in e-commerce but the core of digital marketing will continue to rely mostly on content production available through mobile and desktop users.

Forecasts reveal digital marketers will continue to set aside a significant amount of their budget towards content production. Relevant content will continue to be a necessity. Hence, companies need to find a way to provide useful information to their customers by hiring the right partners. The Hoth is one of the top-notch providers for optimized content. You can check out reviews of The Hoth here.