Feasible Solutions for the Future of Drone Delivery

Drone delivery puts the attention towards that how it might look in upcoming short years. Though the drones have full potential beyond transport, still there is a shadow of the doubt that the fledgling technology could turn the consumer package delivery up and down.

Due to demand, the production of both personal and commercial drones is rising and expected to raise 34 percent drone production in 2017 as per the research firm Gartner. Gerald Van Hoy, a senior research analyst at Gartner, says that the markets of personal and commercial drones are increasingly overlapping.

To some extent both are facing the same technical problems and researchers have suggested these solutions to the engineers.

Finally, the companies like Zipline, Flirtey, and Amazon have taken the lead to provide a plethora of solutions to numerous logistical issues.

Flying Warehouse

Last year, the Amazon got the exclusive right to send off drones from the sky. This solution can lessen the fuel costs by making sure that all the drones would have to slither downward rather than combating gravity to go up into airspace.

Drone with Legs

This solution provides security feature for disabling propellers when they are near to any foreign object. These kinds of patents have a concern for the safety of both drones and with anything it might have a collision. Moreover, with the help of IBM, this technology will allow drones deliver packages in an extensive range by leveraging other airborne drones.

Airspace Traffic Control

Traffic control is another serious technical and regulatory issue.  Because the longest flight time drones need an efficient traffic management system to avoid collisions. To cope up with this issue, NASA is working with drone industry leaders, and projected deadline is expected in 2025. Despite progress, it will take years to execute a solution.

Hence, it is clear that industry doesn’t want any demand from the customers. They want better efficiency and effectiveness of drones.