Impact of Medical Examination on Your Life Insurance

When you apply for life insurance coverage, the insurance company asks you to fill out a huge form. The most important part of this form is your medical status. It is important for the insurance company to understand your medical history, current status, lifestyle, and also your family medical history. All such details help them calculate your risk. Based on these parameters, your insurance premium and coverage are all decided. Most companies require you to undergo a medical test before approving your application. If any company does not require it, they might already be charging high from you. Generally, medical tests give them an idea about your health and that helps you as well.

The medical examination consists of just routine tests to check your health conditions and your probability of getting any disease in future. Blood pressure is an important parameter. High blood pressure is related to a number of diseases including cardiac problems and strokes. Similarly, low blood pressure is also dangerous. So, if you suffer from any of these, then you are more likely to get some disease. Blood sugar is another parameter. This is checked to testify if you have prediabetes. Based on your age, you may even be required to undergo further tests. Those above 50 years of age also need to undergo an EKG to check the condition of their heart. Play this interactive quiz to understand more about the medical examinations and how they can affect your quote.

Lifestyle habits also have an impact on your quote. If you smoke or consume tobacco, then you automatically fall into the high risk category. If there are any illnesses running in your family that could also affect your quote. Just before your test, take some precautions like avoiding too much caffeine and sugar so that your tests come out normal. Follow Health IQ to know more about insurance and how to get the best quote.