Nursing Home Administration Career Path Explained

Nursing homes are one of the places which require the services of a healthcare administrator. The manager will serve various functions in the facility which is designed for elderly care. Financial and human resource matters are just two departments under the administrator’s wing. The role also requires knowledge and adherence to regulations imposed by the state and the federal government.

Upholding resident welfare and taking over the process for admission, running the nursing home and communicating the resident’s family are just some tasks under this position.

For individuals with the end goal of seeking employment in a nursing home as a manager, the best educations path is through Maryville University’s Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree.

Nursing Home Administrator Hiring Process

Being an administrator requires a relevant administration degree. Most employers prefer candidates who completed a graduate program. Most universities offer a Master’s degree which lasts at least two years.

Skills the Administrator Needs to Possess

Taking over the management of a nursing home is not an easy matter, and the administrator needs to have a combination of these skills.

  • Analytical ability. The administrator needs to look for ways to ensure uninterrupted operations and continuous improvement. This can only be done after a close inspection of the data from the nursing home staff.
  • Excellent communication skills. Nursing homes should comply with government rules and regulations, and it is the responsibility of the administrator to communicate changes to the nursing home staff.
  • Eye for detail. Since an administrator’s role also involves scheduling and billing, they need to be careful with numbers and to be keen about accuracy.
  • People skills. Building interpersonal skills is crucial for any administrator especially when it comes to discussing matters about residents to doctors and health insurance personnel. Administrators should deal with everyone in a professional manner.
  • Ability to lead people. Healthcare is a complex field and many times, there are problems which must be dealt with haste. Staffing is among the biggest challenges especially with the shortage of nurses. So, administrators should have effective measures in hiring, directing, and training people. At the same time, these managers should also put a reward system in place to encourage competent employees to remain with the organization.
  • Advanced technical knowledge. When it comes to healthcare technology, nursing homes also need to stay in the loop. Using these new technologies could give the nursing home an edge over its competitors. At the same time, new inventions could help make operations more efficient.
  • Business acumen. Healthcare administration also requires a thorough knowledge of how a business works. Although nursing homes care for patients, it is still a business. So, it needs to make a profit and the manager is responsible for making sure the facility is staying within the budget and maximizing resources to hit or exceed its targets.

Earnings and Career Outlook

Nursing home administrators earn about $80,000 annually and work hours are usually 40 hours a week. This industry is expected to grow since a huge chunk of the population will reach retirement age soon. This will increase the demand for healthcare professionals which includes doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators.